PowerBoss’s Website Redesign Highlights Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines



PowerBoss has been dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support and service since the company’s founding in 1985. PowerBoss’s recently unveiled new website design furthers that mission by delivering the most cutting-edge technology to users.

PowerBoss recognizes that many of its customers are abandoning PCs and laptops in favor of the convenience of smartphones and tablets, and the new website’s mobile-responsive design makes it easy for customers to experience the full range of its offerings no matter the device they use. At home, at the office and on-the-go, users can easily explore PowerBoss’s products and services, and they can engage in all facets of the website, including the new and improved Member’s Area.



Reliable Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Keep Business Spaces Clean


Whether you run a hospital, a restaurant or a retail store, you will quickly learn that cleanliness is everything. Your customers want to enter an establishment that is tidy and presentable, and a dirty store only turns prospects away. Worse, failing to clean your establishment will attract all sorts of bacteria and other unwanted contaminants that could endanger the health and safety of both you and your customers.

It is important to keep your business clean at all times, but relying on manual cleaning tools such as mops and brooms can be tedious and inefficient. Instead, consider power industrial floor cleaning machines, which are produced and sold by manufacturers such as PowerBoss. These machines are the best options for cleaning surfaces while making the task easier and faster.

When to Replace Your Aging Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers


Industrial sweepers and scrubbers have gone through extensive development since their introduction in the early 1900s. Although their use remains the same, today’s models are leaps and bounds easier to use, and more environmentally-friendly than their older counterparts.

Although facility managers should already understand the importance of a clean working environment, it’s certainly worth reiterating here: a tidy working environment promotes productivity, safety and product quality. Additionally, it portrays an image of quality standard that boosts employee morale and creates a good impression to visiting vendors and clients. Choosing the best floor-cleaning equipment, therefore, will help add more value to your enterprise.

A Few Handy Tips on Buying an Automated Industrial Floor Scrubber


The mop and the bucket are now way past their heyday. Automated industrial floor cleaning machines are taking over the stage due to their more powerful cleaning capabilities—a mere 17-inch machine can clean more than 12,700 square feet of flooring per hour, compared to a measly 4,100 square feet for a 16-ounce mop.

These benefits have made an automatic industrial floor scrubber a valuable commodity, able to clean any hard surface floor quickly and efficiently. Part of its effectiveness is its ability to quickly replace dirty water with a fresh, clean batch, as well as the powerful cleaning action of the special scrub heads underneath it. A scrubber is also much less labor-intensive and efficient than a mop and bucket, offering practical value to anyone.

Should You Make the Switch to a Ride-On Sweeper?


All businesses need to have a clean floor for purposes of health and safety. Out of all the cleaning appliances in the market, sweepers are easily the most in demand. Walk-behind sweepers are the first choice for many in the cleaning industry. While efficient in its own way, however, a typical walk-behind sweeper does not have the technological innovations of its ride-on counterparts. Having said that, should you make the switch to a ride-on sweeper?

Cleaning Area

Walk-behind sweepers are generally preferred by businesses that wish to upgrade from traditional and time-consuming manual cleaning methods. While this type of sweeper is useful for many applications, they may be less efficient in cleaning up larger areas. In open areas where a longer running time is needed, a ride-on sweeper may be the better choice.

Worker Comfort

Since cleaning a large area will take some time, the operator’s comfort should be considered. Walk-behind machines usually don’t come with features like an overhead guard that can protect the operator from falling objects, or a dumping system that offloads debris into a separate container. These features enhance sweepers’ safety factor and increase employee productivity.

Equipment Size

Many who choose walk-behind sweepers do so because of the machines’ compact size. However, newer ride-on sweeper models have been constructed to make them suitable for cleaning smaller floor areas.

Cleaning Green with Advanced Industrial Scrubbers


Because of increasing utility costs, labor shortages, and stricter sanitary regulations, floor maintenance in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities can be quite expensive. With the growing popularity of green technology that aims to reduce environmental and health impacts, however, these industries are also encouraged to employ sustainable floor cleaning methods to protect building occupants while keeping utility and labor expenses minimal.


From a cleaning perspective alone, green cleaning pertains to the reduction of water and chemical usage to improve the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of a facility’s floor maintenance practices. Aside from reducing energy consumption, green cleaning methods also help improve the facility’s indoor air quality thanks to reduced emissions.


To this end, many facilities use advanced floor scrubber models with versatile cleaning features. Certain models, for instance, allow the operator to control water, detergent, and chemical use to avoid unnecessary wastage. Some scrubbers enable control of down pressure and flow rates to effectively clean debris of varying concentrations. Others are outfitted with brushes that retain water and cleaning solutions, allowing these variants to clean more floor area with less. These machines are typically designed to operate with quick bursts of intense scrubbing power to remove stubborn dirt.