Basic Characteristics of Ride on Sweepers


For business establishments that require rigorous regular cleaning, ride on sweepers truly are smart investments. These cleaning machines are efficient, easy to operate, and can cover large floor areas in no time at all. Below are some of the basic highlights of ride on sweeping machines: Continue reading


What Makes Industrial Floor Scrubbers Unique?


Tidying up large floor areas is no easy task. At times, the conventional mop and bucket are never enough, not to mention time-consuming. For this reason, many companies now opt for industrial floor scrubbers for their cleaning needs. Continue reading

Keeping Your Commercial Business Site Clean with Ride-on Sweepers


There are numerous industrial sweepers and scrubbers out there that can make cleaning tasks easier and economical. No longer do you have to pay an entire force of cleaners to clean your office floors. You can simply invest in an industrial ride on sweeper that can tackle the task in no time at all.

Why Should You Invest in Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers?

An industrial sweeper, scrubber, or drier is a one-time investment that could produce results for years to come. They require minimal care and maintenance and in return can take away the pain of managing a team of sweepers and cleaners. In addition, ride-on sweepers can easily cover more land or floor area and therefore they are ideal for places like large sports halls, wide corridors, and the like.

The Different Types of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Available


Thanks to advances in technology, industrial floor cleaning machines have become safer and more efficient to use, causing fewer risks and hazards. They are user-friendly and can clean your facility within minutes with minimal effort.

When it comes to choosing a type of industrial floor scrubber for your workspace, you have two major options to choose from:

Ride-on Scrubbers

Ride-on scrubbers are generally built for bigger and tougher cleaning tasks. They look like mini-cars that drivers can ride and control, allowing them to cover large areas of floor within minutes.

The equipment has brushes for cleaning, tanks for soap and water, and a vacuum system for sucking in dusty air. These machines usually require batteries or fuel to be operated. The driving function makes it easier to maneuver, allowing the operator a clearer view of the zones to be cleaned.