Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers Help You Cut Big Jobs Down to Size


What is the first thing you see when you enter a building? It’s the floor! A clean floor helps make a good first impression on your company. Maintaining a clean floor is terribly important not only for your business but for your customers and staff as well.

If you are in charge of keeping floors clean, you’ll need to identify the kinds of floors to be maintained. Do you have tile, vinyl, wood, carpet? Each of these materials will present a different cleaning challenge. Using industrial sweepers and scrubbers will make it easier to keep your premises as clean as possible.


Why Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Matter in a Veterinary Practice


Staff at veterinary hospitals have busy workdays, and must often figure out how to clean up messes. Investing in industrial floor cleaning machines is just one part of maintaining a clean facility. One of the top things that veterinary technicians and other staff need to know is how to neutralize stains and odors as much as possible prior to floor cleaning.

Urine Requires Quick Cleanup

Aside from the smell, there are other good reasons to clean up urine right away. One is the fact that urine poses a slipping hazard. As many people come and go in a veterinary hospital every day, there’s a good chance that someone who is rushing won’t see the puddle until it’s too late. Clean up using paper towels, and use a pre-treatment product that works with your floor cleaner before doing your nightly sweeping.

Ride on Sweepers


Whether you are looking to keep your office clean, your storeroom floor looking its best, or your church’s floors in immaculate condition, you cannot go wrong with a ride on sweeper. Today’s cleaners are able to offer a lot of cleaning power in a small package. Ride on sweepers, in particular, are easy to maneuver and cover a larger surface area in a shorter amount of time compared to a traditional sweeper or mop.
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