Choosing a Floor Scrubber


A floor scrubber for your business can get more space cleaned in a shorter time than traditional cleaning tools. This can benefit your company in many ways. Your utility personnel doesn’t have to exert more effort, since the machine is expected to do most of the work. This could mean less expenses, considering that you don’t have to pay more workers to do the job.

You have to consider, however, several factors when choosing a scrubber.

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Is a Ride-On Sweeper Right for Your Business?


Automated cleaning machines are definitely useful when it comes to cutting down on cleaning time as well as utilizing less manpower. For large facilities like warehouses and hospitals, it might take more than a day to clean one floor using traditional cleaning tools or a walk-behind sweeper. A ride-on sweeper can be the right equipment to cut down cleaning time from days to just several hours, with only one or two trained staff manning the sweeper.

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Tips for Renting an Industrial Floor Scrubber


Are you tired of the inefficiency of mopping large areas, but simply cannot justify buying your own floor scrubber? If so, you may be interested in renting out an industrial floor scrubber. In fact, it’s a highly recommended option for those who won’t need to clean their flooring more than twice a month. With that in mind, here are a few tips for renting an industrial floor scrubber:

Know Your Floor Area

Each floor scrubber has a certain cleaning capacity, which is how much floor it can clean in a given amount of time. This is important as it will help you compute how much time it will take to fully clean all the areas you have in mind. If you have an idea of your floor area, you might want to let your rental service know so they can provide you with recommended models. Continue reading

What to Use on Floors: Sweeper, Scrubber, or Both?


When a business decides to invest in industrial cleaning equipment, many are unsure exactly what to choose. The last thing they want is to waste money on a machine that isn’t suitable or incur costly repairs should the machine malfunction or be used incorrectly. So, just when should you use industrial sweepers and scrubbers? Does your business need both? Continue reading

Floor Sweepers Streamline Your Cleaning Process


Does your staff spend hours cleaning the floor manually to comply with health and safety regulations? You are far better off introducing an automated floor sweeper to your cleaning routine.

The Hazards of Floor Debris

Many businesses deal with dirt and debris on a daily basis. Artisans may leave excess materials on the ground, construction workers often leave sawdust, shards or plastic around their feet, while stock warehouses or grocers may leave spills in their aisles. Requiring staff to go around cleaning up after all that takes up precious time that may be better spent elsewhere. Continue reading

Warehouse Conversions Need Industrial Clean-Up


There is big money in flipping houses. There is even bigger money in converting warehouse spaces into residential homes. While the concept is the same, the preparation work can be quite different. For instance, cleaning up old lead-based paint chips can cause illness when not performed correctly. Air ducts may be filled with contaminants that can aggravate allergies. Find a solution before entering this arena and watch your investment soar. Continue reading