Should You Make the Switch to a Ride-On Sweeper?


All businesses need to have a clean floor for purposes of health and safety. Out of all the cleaning appliances in the market, sweepers are easily the most in demand. Walk-behind sweepers are the first choice for many in the cleaning industry. While efficient in its own way, however, a typical walk-behind sweeper does not have the technological innovations of its ride-on counterparts. Having said that, should you make the switch to a ride-on sweeper?

Cleaning Area

Walk-behind sweepers are generally preferred by businesses that wish to upgrade from traditional and time-consuming manual cleaning methods. While this type of sweeper is useful for many applications, they may be less efficient in cleaning up larger areas. In open areas where a longer running time is needed, a ride-on sweeper may be the better choice.

Worker Comfort

Since cleaning a large area will take some time, the operator’s comfort should be considered. Walk-behind machines usually don’t come with features like an overhead guard that can protect the operator from falling objects, or a dumping system that offloads debris into a separate container. These features enhance sweepers’ safety factor and increase employee productivity.

Equipment Size

Many who choose walk-behind sweepers do so because of the machines’ compact size. However, newer ride-on sweeper models have been constructed to make them suitable for cleaning smaller floor areas.


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