Keeping School Hallways Clean with Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers


When it comes to school systems, the foremost priority are the welfare of your stakeholders— the students, teachers, staff, and other people who have business to conduct in the facilities. With so many people going in and out of the premises every single day, it can be tough to keep the floors consistently clean and safe.

If a school still relies on a force of cleaners mopping the hallways manually, it’s time to reconsider this cleaning strategy. There are many industrial sweepers and scrubbers today that can do the job more efficiently and effectively in so much less time, becoming an investment that pays for itself several times over the years. Read more from this blog:


Cleaner Floors with Industrial Floor Scrubber Machines


From the quality of ingredients down to cooking skills, up to presentation or shipping products off to stores and malls, the business of food is a strict one. Perhaps strictest of all is the stringent level of hygiene required when working with food.

A critical part of this is keeping establishment and production floors clean and dry at all times. With such a huge area to clean, traditional mopping just won’t do anymore. To maintain hygienic floors for food manufacturing, it might be time to look into industrial floor cleaning machines. Read more from this blog: