Tips When Buying Industrial Cleaning Equipment


Industrial cleaning equipment, like floor scrubbers and sweepers, are major investments for your cleaning business, so you want to make a purchase decision that provides true value. While you may want to compare every single feature of whatever model or brand you are eyeing, there are a few important factors to think about when choosing your cleaning tools:

Equipment Warranty

Quality equipment is generally designed to hold up well against heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Most people have hardly any issues with cleaning equipment that are from trusted brands. All machines will, however, develop issues after some time. A solid warranty with a lengthy period can protect you from expensive repair costs during the first few years of ownership.

Service Availability

In choosing your equipment, consider the availability of the manufacturer or the company dealer for repair service and maintenance. Otherwise, ask the retailer for a support center that you can call if you run into issues. Problems may often seem like they are major issues, but there could be a quick and easy solution that a product support specialist can help you with over the phone.

Choose the equipment that meets your needs in terms of supplying cleaning service to your commercial office or industrial clients. By paying attention to a dealer’s service availability and offer of product warranty, you’re likely to make a smarter purchase decision.


Increased Demand for Industrial Floor Scrubbers


The popularity of industrial floor scrubbers has steadily risen over the past few years. Analysts say that by the year 2020, the floor scrubbing industry will have experienced a large growth spurt, likely due to the efficiency and cost effectiveness that they bring to businesses of all sizes.

Types of Floor Scrubbers

There are many different types of industrial floor scrubbers. From rider sweepers to walk-behind sweepers and combination scrubber-sweepers, each cleaner has its own purpose. Buildings with a lot of hard floor surfaces use this type of machinery to clean their buildings on a regular basis.

The Increase in Popularity

 One of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of floor scrubbers is the fact that they allow workers to save time by letting them cover more ground in a few minutes than a man with a mop and bucket ever can. Floor scrubber operators don’t have to spend their time walking across the building or work up a sweat when pushing their mop and cart around.

In addition, janitorial teams no longer need to wait for a machine to charge for hours on end before using it again. They can maximize their time during the day and avoid having to work overtime.