Cleaning Green with Advanced Industrial Scrubbers


Because of increasing utility costs, labor shortages, and stricter sanitary regulations, floor maintenance in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities can be quite expensive. With the growing popularity of green technology that aims to reduce environmental and health impacts, however, these industries are also encouraged to employ sustainable floor cleaning methods to protect building occupants while keeping utility and labor expenses minimal.


From a cleaning perspective alone, green cleaning pertains to the reduction of water and chemical usage to improve the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of a facility’s floor maintenance practices. Aside from reducing energy consumption, green cleaning methods also help improve the facility’s indoor air quality thanks to reduced emissions.


To this end, many facilities use advanced floor scrubber models with versatile cleaning features. Certain models, for instance, allow the operator to control water, detergent, and chemical use to avoid unnecessary wastage. Some scrubbers enable control of down pressure and flow rates to effectively clean debris of varying concentrations. Others are outfitted with brushes that retain water and cleaning solutions, allowing these variants to clean more floor area with less. These machines are typically designed to operate with quick bursts of intense scrubbing power to remove stubborn dirt.


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