Getting the Job Done with a Ride On Sweeper


The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than 40% of jobs in the cleaning industry are dedicated to services to buildings and dwellings. Day in and day out, dedicated cleaning personnel work to ensure that every part of your office or business establishment is spotless. This allows your company to focus on productivity, and eliminates the worry from sanitation or safety risks.

If you’re running a busy company that has an expansive floor area, the cleaning job can take longer than usual. It can be a tedious and labor-intensive task, especially if you haven’t got enough manpower available. You can, however, make it easier on your crew by investing in a reliable ride on sweeper.

Get to Know the Perks

Ride on sweepers can be operated even without formal training for your personnel. Within an hour, this machine can sweep up to 100,000 square feet, efficiently grabbing up dirt, leaves, and other debris. With specially-designed air filters, these sweepers vacuum up dust in a snap while clearing the air in the process. Plus, its hopper can hold 10 cubic feet or more of waste, so your staff won’t need to constantly empty it out.

Safety Features

Most commercial cleaning machines are painted with bright colors like orange so that they are visible to other personnel in the vicinity. Automatic stopping, hydraulic brakes, and non-skid wheels are only a few of the many safety features integrated into these sweepers. These are all designed to ensure that even the operator and others around him remain safe.



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