Is a Ride-On Sweeper Right for Your Business?


Automated cleaning machines are definitely useful when it comes to cutting down on cleaning time as well as utilizing less manpower. For large facilities like warehouses and hospitals, it might take more than a day to clean one floor using traditional cleaning tools or a walk-behind sweeper. A ride-on sweeper can be the right equipment to cut down cleaning time from days to just several hours, with only one or two trained staff manning the sweeper.

The following are important factors to help you determine whether or not this type of cleaning machine is right for your business:


Ride-on sweepers are definitely bigger than all walk-behind varieties, but it’s not just the machine’s size you need to consider. This equipment is meant for cleaning big open spaces, so if your facility has a huge open floor area, then getting this will benefit you greatly. On the other hand, if your facility has relatively small rooms or sections, then a walk-behind sweeper might be a better choice. This is because the ride-on variety is better suited for cleaning expansive open floors and require bigger entryways to make moving them from one area to another easier.


Generally, the ride-on variety cost twice as much as the walk-behind sweeper. Deciding on buying an expensive cleaning equipment is a big investment, so you must determine whether or not it’s a smart move for your business. As mentioned, it can cut down cleaning time significantly and will require less manpower. You should first look at the price of the sweeper and then compare it to potential labor savings in a year. If the savings are significant, then investing in a ride-on sweeper is the ideal move.


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