What to Use on Floors: Sweeper, Scrubber, or Both?


When a business decides to invest in industrial cleaning equipment, many are unsure exactly what to choose. The last thing they want is to waste money on a machine that isn’t suitable or incur costly repairs should the machine malfunction or be used incorrectly. So, just when should you use industrial sweepers and scrubbers? Does your business need both?

Sweeping and Scrubbing: Which Comes First?

This may sound like an obvious question, but many businesses make the error of scrubbing their floors without having swept them first. If your business produces any kind of solid-waste product, such as plastic wrapping or wood shavings, these need to be cleared away before using a floor scrubber. Debris can get trapped inside the scrubber and make it stop working or clog the water tank to make cleaning it out more difficult.

Therefore, always use a sweeper first to remove loose debris, followed by a floor scrubber to clean and remove bacteria from the floor.

Do You Need Both a Sweeper and a Scrubber?

The answer to this question depends on your personal situation. Consider your business environment and the waste it leaves on your floors. If there’s never a significant amount of debris, a floor scrubber should be sufficient to keep the floor sanitary. If you’re only concerned with removing trash, and you don’t need to disinfect the floor, you may be fine with just a sweeper.

You won’t waste your money on cleaning equipment investments. With a small amount of research into the items you are buying or considering, your business will save money and attain a cleaner environment, whether using a floor scrubber, a sweeper, or both.


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