Floor Sweepers Streamline Your Cleaning Process


Does your staff spend hours cleaning the floor manually to comply with health and safety regulations? You are far better off introducing an automated floor sweeper to your cleaning routine.

The Hazards of Floor Debris

Many businesses deal with dirt and debris on a daily basis. Artisans may leave excess materials on the ground, construction workers often leave sawdust, shards or plastic around their feet, while stock warehouses or grocers may leave spills in their aisles. Requiring staff to go around cleaning up after all that takes up precious time that may be better spent elsewhere.

Furthermore, leaving debris on the floor can pose a hazard to workers and visitors. Many workplace injuries are caused by trips and falls, which increase costs because staff must take medical leave and require compensation for said injuries, not to mention clients or visitors who might make costly injury claims. An industrial floor sweeper reduces such risks.

A Smart Investment

A floor sweeper is a smart move for businesses because it quickly collects debris that even a diligent person with a manual brush might miss. The electronic brushes are designed to completely swath a floor and leave a clear surface which can either be mopped or scrubbed afterwards for an appealing shine.

Any staff member can operate the machine by following its instructions. Built-in safety mechanisms—such as conveniently located emergency stop buttons—make the machine safe to use. It can also save workers from physical strains because they don’t need to bend down or apply pressure. Stand-behind sweepers are even self-propelled and ride-on sweepers are equipped with a seat.

Any business that leaves debris on its floors will benefit from an industrial floor sweeper. Your entire cleaning routine will prove much more efficient than before.


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