Warehouse Conversions Need Industrial Clean-Up


There is big money in flipping houses. There is even bigger money in converting warehouse spaces into residential homes. While the concept is the same, the preparation work can be quite different. For instance, cleaning up old lead-based paint chips can cause illness when not performed correctly. Air ducts may be filled with contaminants that can aggravate allergies. Find a solution before entering this arena and watch your investment soar.

Start with a Clean Slate

While there are many aspects to converting a warehouse space into a home, one of the priorities should be to start with a clean floor. Many warehouses have concrete floors that are pretty nasty. Walk behind scrubbers and the right chemicals can remove built-up oil and grease or toxins. Once a floor has been properly cleaned and sealed, you can opt to cover, seal, or paint the concrete.

Invest in a Critical Filter Vac

A critical filter vac is a vacuum system that is designed to trap and safely remove waste and hazardous materials from surfaces. There are specific models that are made for lead cleanup and units that offer wet/dry solutions with HEPA filters. An industrial vacuum system will always be of use in remodeling and maintaining large spaces.

Always check with local EPA officials about discharge of waste removal. Municipal codes vary greatly about disposal of power-washing chemicals and contaminants. Select your equipment carefully and know the rules of the area.


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