Pointers on Selecting an Industrial Floor Scrubber


Floors that are unclean form accident-prone areas, where substantial injuries can result on a consistent basis. Keep these potential dangers from happening by cleaning these areas with an industrial floor scrubber. Choosing the right model can be made easy by reading this guide.

Automatic Design

Considering that a busy business has a truck-load of tasks to get done per day, cleaning needs to be quick and easy. Help your company do this by selecting a floor scrubber with an automatic design. Here, the machines do all the work, while your employees simply guide them along to the right direction.

In terms of automatic design, there are different styles. Two of the most widely-used include ride-on and walk-behind. Ride-on models are more costly, but they clean more quickly and help reduce worker fatigue. Conversely, walk-behind models cost less, but requires a bit of manual work.


For the sake of these industrial floor scrubbers lasting for as long as possible, they need to be properly maintained. Make this easy by selecting a floor scrubber that has parts that are simple to reach or come off of the machine completely. Having easy maintenance also cuts down on expenses you might have throughout the year.


A factor that predicates how much you spend is the size. Larger machines cost more, but they speed up the cleaning process. Pathway size is essential to consider in that it dictates how fast your employees clean. Smaller pathway sizes, though, make it more convenient to reach tight spaces.

Make an impact on floor cleaning by electing to use an industrial floor scrubber on a regular basis. It is a game-changer and affords you more time and energy for other tasks.


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