Keys to Creating a Safe Work Environment


Companies should pride themselves in keeping an environment clean and safe, not just for customers, but for employees as well. Make sure you are taking these steps every day so you can maintain a safe environment for all.

Remove Clutter

A cluttered work area can lead to all sorts of problems and injuries. That’s why you need to do everything you can to keep the workspace clean. Don’t leave equipment out in the middle of the floor, and make sure everyone has plenty of room to move around high-traffic areas. Less clutter can help employees stay productive as well because organized workspaces are less likely to cause stress.

Prevent Slip and Falls

A leading cause of injury for many workers today is slip and falls. In fact, these injuries result in 15% of all accidental deaths. These injuries can be prevented if you are proactive with cleaning tasks, and you can begin this by keeping the floor clean.

Did you know that this job becomes a lot easier when you use an industrial floor scrubber? Offering greater cleaning efficiency compared to brooms, floor scrubbers are also simple to use. All your employees need to do is to control where the device goes and refill the cleaning material, if needed. There are several models to select from, including ride-on and push.

Apart from getting a floor scrubber, you’ll also want to clean up any spills and wet areas before the building opens for the day. Have employees complete a cleaning checklist so that you know the job was done properly the day before.

Businesses who strive to create a safe working environment yields all sorts of benefits, including better work morale and significantly less accidents.


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