Should You Invest in an Automatic Floor Scrubber?


Today, when it comes to industrial floor scrubbers, you have a wide variety to select from. From floor buffers, polishers, to automatic floor scrubbers, there are plenty of machines to opt for.

Among all, automatic floor scrubbers have made lives easier by providing an easy and fast solution to tough cleaning requirements.

What is an Automatic Floor Scrubber?

An automatic floor scrubber works similar to a lawn mower, in that it can clean as it passes through an area. The earlier models that were introduced in the middle of the 20th century looked more like lawn mowers than cleaners. Today, you have scrubbers that contain water and soap as well as jets to clean the floors.

The basic types of automatic floor scrubbers have a tank for water, soap and jets for power cleaning. There are fixed rotary brushes that automatically make the rounds on the floors to clean them up.

However, the previous models were not considered as effective since they used to leave a lot of water behind. Today, the modern automatic floor scrubbers have rectified this problem. Many automatic floor scrubbers are even capable of drying the floors with air pressure or dry cloth wipers.

Although convenient to use, automatic floor scrubbers are more expensive than the standard ones and are best to be used for medium to full-size facilities. You can find battery powered, fuel based, or even electricity based scrubbers that can make the cleaning process easier for you.


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