Choosing Between Push and Ride-on Sweepers


There are essentially two types of sweepers, namely push and ride-on. The differences between the two are mostly on the coverage they can offer, but are crucial nonetheless. You wouldn’t want to spend money on the wrong type, as it can have serious consequences for your office maintenance requirements.

Coverage Considerations

First and foremost, a push sweeper is more advisable for spaces that fall under 50,000 square feet. It’s manageable, easy to maneuver, and its power is just right given the amount of floor space you have. It functions like a typical push lawn mower, so the action required is pretty intuitive.

However, if your commercial space or property goes over the 50,000 square feet mark, then it will be better for you to consider getting a ride-on cleaner instead. Here, the operator can sit down as he maneuvers the machine across the floor. Because the space is bigger, the effort will be greater if a push cleaner is used.

With the ride-on cleaner being easy to control, much like a golf cart, it should allow the operator to clean the assigned areas faster and more efficiently. There’s also room for him to carry other cleaning equipment and solutions without burdening himself.

Both cleaning options have their own advantages, and ultimately, they can both deliver the cleaning results you want.


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