How to Choose the Best Concrete Floor Degreaser


When your commercial floors are stained with grease, industrial sweepers and scrubbers are the right equipment to remove the stains. As you get started setting up your industrial floor scrubber, you will also need to choose the right cleaning solution.

After checking the manufacturer’s specifications for the types of detergents and chemicals that the industrial scrubber can use, you will then need to select a cleaning agent that is powerful enough to lift the stains without damaging the concrete.

Alkaline Cleaners

When you have a hydrocarbon-based stain on your industrial concrete floors, an alkaline cleaner is the best choice for removing the stain. These solutions have a pH above 8.0 and are able to break down the oily contamination on the flooring. Concrete is naturally alkaline, so using this type of a diluted solution in your industrial floor scrubber will not harm the concrete’s finish.

Enzymatic Cleaners

If the grease stains on your concrete flooring are a result of animal proteins, an enzymatic cleaner is the best solution. These cleaners have active enzymes that break down the proteins so that the industrial floor scrubber can lift them off of the concrete.

Enzyme cleaners neutralize common stains that can result from starches and hydrocarbons as well. These cleansers have the added bonus of neutralizing odors that may come along with these stains. One or more applications of an enzyme cleaner may be needed for your industrial floor scrubber.


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