Office Floor Cleaning Made Easy


Keeping your office clean is typically easier said than done, especially when we are talking about more than two floors of office space. In cases like these, you need to make sure that you have the right cleaning equipment for the job.


Vacuum Cleaner


If you have a carpeted office, you’ll need to have a vacuum cleaner, including carpet shampoo. Some of the most popular types of vacuum cleaner that you might want to consider would include canister type, upright vacuum cleaner, and robotic vacuum cleaners. A number of offices have also taken to installing instead a central vacuuming system that could be switched on and off whenever multiple floors need to be cleaned.




Sweepers differ based on function and how large the space that needs to be cleaned is. For example, a carpet sweeper, which is relatively small, is typically used to rid carpets of large pieces of debris and dirt. In contrast, a ride on sweeper is typically used in larger open spaces and, oftentimes, in outdoor spaces.


Floor Scrubbers and Buffers


If your office does not have carpeting, you would need to have scrubbers and buffers. The former generally takes care of debris and other dirt that might have stuck on to the floor. The latter, on the other hand, is used to bring some shine and sheen to the floor tiles. Some of the most common floor scrubber types include rotary floor scrubbers and cylindrical floor scrubbers.


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