Floor Scrubber Guide for Business Owners


If you’re planning to buy a floor scrubber for your business, you must learn how to select a proper pad. You’ll also need to follow various safety rules in order to protect yourself and other employees.

Choosing a Pad

You must use a certain kind of pad for different surfaces. A soft pad is designed for painted floors, and a rough pad is made for concrete. You should never use a hard pad on a wooden floor because the brittle fibers will scratch the material.

Safety Requirements

According to the NIDCD, a user shouldn’t operate a floor scrubber continuously if the decibel levels are above 85. During extended cleaning sessions, you must wear earplugs to prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Typically, gas-powered floor scrubbers will reach 85 decibels fairly quickly in an enclosed environment.

Although the soapy water that is used during the cleaning process reduces most particulates that float in the air, some dust will still project into the environment. This is why you must wear a dust mask when you scrub heavily soiled areas.

Depending on the detergent that you plan to use, you might want to protect your hands when you pour the solution into the storage container. You’ll also benefit from wearing gloves while you perform maintenance on different components that are located underneath the floor scrubber.

If you use a proper pad and follow key safety rules, you won’t run into any problems when you use your floor scrubbing machine.


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