Ensuring Public Safety with Ride On Sweepers


Commercial ride on sweepers are used in a variety of commercial and business settings. These machines deep clean floors in less time than a manual cleaning crew ever can. In particular, ride on sweepers utilize wide rotating brushes and powerful vacuums to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from floor surfaces.

Wide array of Businesses

Ride on sweepers are commonly used in a wide range of industrial settings, range from manufacturing plants to chicken hatcheries. OSHA places few, if any, real restrictions on where this type of equipment can be used. They are ideally suited, however, for businesses and plants that have expansive areas, rather than restrictively small floorplans.

Eliminate diseases and contaminants

Businesses of all kinds today have an obligation to keep their clientele, and the public as a whole, safe from infectious agents. Given that diseases like MRSA, the flu, and other illnesses are easily spread through direct contact, business owners should eliminate those risks by investing in ride on sweepers that help sanitize floors that see a lot of foot traffic.

Routine inspection and maintenance

Keeping a business safe and sanitary requires maintenance of the equipment used to keep the store or office clean. Ride on sweepers must be regularly serviced and their parts replaced or repaired.


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