Choosing Ride-On Sweepers


Sweepers come in two varieties: the walk-behind and the ride-on. As their names imply, walk-behind sweepers are manually pushed around, while the ride-on varieties are driven by the operator. While they both use basically the same system to clean an area, the basic difference in their operation makes each one ideal for certain cleaning needs.

The main difference is the sweep area. Ride-on sweepers are better suited in large open areas that require a longer running time. Some experts say that if the area is at least 750 square meters, then a ride-on is the better choice. In addition, it is comfortable to use and some models have an overhead guard that protects the operator from falling objects.

When choosing a ride-on sweeper, there are certain characteristics to consider. They are power, brushes, ergonomics, and build quality. In terms of power, you can choose between battery-powered or engine-powered. Choosing brushes depends on the work that needs to be done – heavier for more adherent dirt, and thinner for lighter dust. When it comes to ergonomics, it’s important to look at the design of the sweeper to ensure operator comfort. For build quality, you’d want the sweeper to be of robust construction since it would typically be used in an industrial environment.

There are models that have extra features, such as programmable settings, filtration systems, and others. They can add to the efficiency of the machine, and have been designed to address specific conditions that could make cleaning difficult.


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