How Do You Choose A Floor Scrubber?


Choosing a floor scrubber for your specific needs is important if you need to get the work of cleaning and polishing the floor in just the right way. Everything relies on these specific parameters: size, power input, design type, and intended application.

There’s also the question of choosing between a commercial and industrial scrubber. What’s the big difference? If you own something like a grocery store, your cleaning requirements are not as complex than if you owned a warehouse or a factory. If you have a relatively small space to clean, you go for a commercial, low-powered unit; if not, it’s completely the other way around.

Knowing the specific type of surface to be cleaned determines the type of scrubber to use, as well as the type of brush or pad it should have. A smooth surface would do well with one type of scrubber specifically outfitted for the purpose, and a tougher surface would require another type of scrubber.

In terms of power sources, scrubbers are typically fueled by either propane gas, electricity, or battery. Propane and battery-powered scrubbers are conveniently cordless, but the power sources would need replacing or refilling regularly to keep them running. Electricity-powered units, on the other hand, need power cords that plug into outlets, and are generally more economical than the other two. Consider these fine points about your scrubber, and you can expect a cleaner office with shinier floors.


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